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In the midst of it all

Just returned from a full day of piano playing.  Choir rehearsal ended at 9:20 p.m. and I just got home.  It occurred to me on my walk home that I’ve been at the piano for most of the day, beginning with practice at 10 a.m.  Just stopped for meals, and to teach  a couple of kids.  I should be worn down, but that choir rehearsal was great.  There’s nothing like feeling in sync with everyone and hearing lines weave in and out.  I don’t always just enjoy it while I’m playing, so this moment caught me off guard.  I found myself tuning in to everything — the brilliant brass, the broad bass, the full chorus of voices, my notes floating between sounds.  It felt genuinely peaceful and joyous.

Moments like this, I’m glad to finally find myself in music.

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