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Myrtle D. Millares, PhD


Dr. Myrtle D. Millares is a classical pianist with a PhD in Music Education from the University of Toronto. Fleeing political unrest in the Philippines, she arrived in Toronto invested in peaceful protest and evolved her love of music into a business at the age of 15. As an activist, Myrtle is co-founder of Climate Pledge Collective, which provides tools for individual action and activism to mitigate the effects of our climate crisis through climate justice. As a music educator and researcher, Dr. Millares specializes in narrative inquiry that focuses on hip-hop communities of practice. Her interest include the role of Philippine artists in the development of Toronto hip-hop, the effect of colonial ideologies on institutional music study and m usician identity, and the ways that hip-hop crative processes can inform decolonizing, anti-racist pedagogies. 

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